Frequently asked questions


There are no doubt many questions you may have about Rotaract so here we have the most common questions, if your question is not answered here please do get in touch for more information.

Q. Is a Rotaract club a Rotary club ?

A. No, Rotaract and Rotary are two separate organizations that work independently although often collaborate with each other. Rotaract is financially independant from Rotary although we do owe a lot of thanks to Rotary for their varied ways of helping and supporting us.

Q. So what is the connection between Rotary and Rotaract ?

A. Rotaract as an organization was started by Rotary. Each Rotaract Club has a sponsoring Rotary club, basically this means that a member of the sponsoring rotary club will sit in on Rotaract committee meetings to offer advice and maintain a link between the Rotaract and Rotary club and establish where and when a Rotaray and Rotaract club could work together in order to have even more fun or make an event a greater success.

One very good example of Rotary and Rotaract collaboration is Rotaract helpers at the Calvert Trust each year where up to 15 Rotaractors get the chance to have a very cheap week taking part in an outdoor activity week helping physically/mentally disabled people do the same with the option to stay on for the weekend in the lake district after and make it their own.

Q. But what fun is there in anything to do with Rotary ?

A. Unfortunately the vast majority of people misunderstand what Rotary is and is about and/or have an outdated and limited view of the organization. If you think Rotaray is about a bunch of old rich men having dinner together and giving money away you could not be more wrong.

Today Rotary is much more and has changed significantly in recent decades. Today Rotary clubs are made up of all sorts of people both men and women some aged as young as 25. It is indeed common for areas to be covered by more than one Rotary club, usually the original club that was started in the area and a younger generation club often made up of past Rotaractors with ages starting at 30. Rotarians take part in many different activities mostly centred around fundraising and often as outdoor and physical as you could get and have a great time doing it.

Q. I’m under 18, can I join ?

A. Unfortunately Rotaract is for over 18 year old’s due to the possible legal complications¬†that having a mixture of over and under aged people can bring. Some of the social/fundraising activities may have age requirements and there are potential problems when taking part as event organizers. If you are 17 then do contact us so we can ensure you join as soon as you can.

Q. Is Rotaract a singles club ?

A. Rotaract is a social club for young adults that is community and volunteering orientated. However it goes without saying that as with any organization with specific goals and reasons for being, members usually meet and make friends with like minded people and it is not uncommon that people meet their “soul mates” through Rotaract. Single people, couples and married couples alike are most welcome to join rotaract.

Q. Will I have to stand on streets shaking a collection tin to raise money ?

A. Not at all. Fund-raising events are thought up to be fun, both for the clubs members running the event and members of the public taking part. If you really do not want to take part in a fund raising event you do not have to however you will be missing out on the fun ! (people watching while collecting money with your friends can also be more amusing than you think and may get you free entry to sports events such as football and rugby matches).